a glass-beaded sovyn blossom ornament

>look at ornament

Thousands of tiny glass beads are woven together to form the multi-layered petals of a sovyn blossom.  Gold leaf lines each crystal-clear bead, catching the light and giving the ornament the butter-yellow hue of the real flower.  Loops of emerald green ribbon provide a firm backing for the beadwork and lend the appearance of foliage, an illusion enhanced by the opaque white beads that glisten along the ribbon s edge like frost.

a box-encased cuctucae berry

>look at berry

Nearly the size of a giantkin fist, a large dark blue azurite ornament in the shape of a cuctacae berry is suspended in a cubical, glass box edged in polished pewter.  The glass atop the cube is etched with a variety of herbs, while the bottom is etched with numerous clerical tools.  The remaining four sides each depict famous landmarks in the town of Wehnimer's Landing in a wintry setting: Helga's, Moot Hall, House Sovyn, and the temple of Lorministra all surrounded by tiny etched snowflakes.

There appears to be something written on it.

>read berry

In the Common language, it reads:

House Sovyn wishes you an upcoming year of good health!

a frosted glass sovyn clove

>look at clove

This small crystalline representation of a sovyn clove is lightly dusted with pulverized white mother-of-pearl.  The radiant hues of blues, pinks, and purples glisten in the light giving the ornament a cool, wintry feel.