Harvest Blessing Ceremony - Imaerasta 21st at 9pm Elven

Post date: Sep 20, 2017 2:57:3 AM

A message from the officers of House Sovyn:  This coming Niiman (Thursday) the 21st day of Imaerasta at 9pm elven time is our annual Harvest Blessing Ceremony.  This will consist of a brief chat about Imaera and will continue on to her shrine to perform the ceremony and present the harvest offering.  All are welcome to attend and participate in all aspects of the ceremony which will possibly include a commune attempt at the shrine.  Also, following the ceremony, we will give away a set of Imaera-attuned prayerbeads and an Imaera-themed prayer idol to two attending Imaera followers.  We will meet in the courtyard at 9pm elven time.