a dazzling yellow diamond star

>look at star

A scintillating star artfully crafted from a large yellow diamond appears to emit a golden glow as it dangles from a short loop of gold chain.  Fluttering from the loop is a white velvet ribbon embroidered with gold thread that reads, "House Sovyn wishes you a Happy Winter Solstice 5117."

a silver-caged electrum snowflake

>look at snowflake

Strung on a delicate hook and enclosed within a sphere of cleverly contorted silver filigree is a fragile snowflake wrought from the finest electrum.  Natural silver and white hues sweep across the ridges and grooves of this beautifully crafted hexagon, the metal beaten so thin as to be almost translucent.  The slightest movement causes the crystal to tumble within its silvery cell as if fluttering in protest of its incarceration, the metals chiming softly against each other to raise the alarm.

an ice blue diamond iceblossom

>look at iceblossom

A brilliant ice blue diamond has been carefully cut into the shape of an iceblossom.  Its nearly translucent petals appear extremely fragile as it hangs from a snow white velvet ribbon.  Ambient light refracting through the multiple facets of the diamond is reflected and dispersed, causing a spectacular glittering effect.  Stitched along the velvet ribbon is "House Sovyn, Winter Solstice 5117."

a carved honey amber doe

>look at doe

The carved amber doe is suspended by an emerald satin ribbon.  The doe is masterfully carved from a single piece of rich honey amber, with perked, black-tufted ears and small onyx eyes.  Carved on the doe's belly in tiny script is "House Sovyn, Winter Solstice 5117."

a diamond-sown golden sovyn clove

>look at clove

The gold plated sovyn clove is gracefully suspended by a snow-white silk ribbon. Tiny faceted diamonds accent the lines of the clove. A small gold clasp opposite a hinged edge allows the two halves of the clove to be bound shut, but is currently open, allowing the sovyn clove to display the art within. A tiny, intricate miniature of House Sovyn sits on one side while the other side contains a carved ivory and silver pair of hands clasped in prayer. There appears to be something written on it. 

>read clove

In the Common language, it reads:

House Sovyn Winterfest 5117

a white-bearded cleric nutcracker

>look at nutcracker

This miniature patriarch, clad in a lush velvet cape that matches his emerald eyes, holds aloft a finely worked silver crozier. Around his waist is a string of silver prayer beads shaped like furled sovyn blossoms. Attached to the lever that works the cleric’s jaw is a long white beard of bleached basal moss. Engraved on a silver plate affixed to the nutcracker’s fel base is, "House Sovyn, bringing you life and health since 5097, wishes you a happy Winter Solstice 5117."