a tiny wreath set with cloves and cut rubies

a cheery empath ornament

>look at ornament

Nestled in a garden of sovyn cloves, this finely-scalped elven empath sit happily holding a glittering clove.  Upon closer look, you see she has a look of pure love and happiness delicately carved on her tiny face.

a dainty emerald ornament

>look at ornament

Carved into a shape to be a perfect imitation of a real flame, the sparkle of this vibrant emerald creates an illusion of a flickering flame. Upon inspection of the ornament you notice the hand painted crest of Sovyn House has been added to the center of the ornament.  Finely scribe writing is delicately etched under the crest that reads: "Heart and Hands working together keeping the flame alive."

a delicate crystal bell

>look at bell

A bow of green, white, and silver ribbons and a sprig of sovyn attach to the top of the bell, cleverly concealing a silver loop for hanging the ornament.  A sovyn-incised diamond suspended from a thin silver chain serves as the clapper. Etched around the rim in curling script are the words: “House Sovyn wishes Happy Solstice 5118 to all.”