a translucent crystal snow globe 

>look at globe

The crystal snow globe is suspended by a green velvet ribbon. Inside the orb is a tiny faewood tree, its once lush foliage now nearly bare and its branches are heavy with snow. Beside the tree is a small sign that reads, "House Sovyn, Winter Solstice 5116". You see loose snow at the tree's base, that is actually dried faewood blossoms ground to resemble snow. As you turn the globe, you watch snow lazily drift down over the tree, swirling around the base of the tree, before coming to rest on the ground.   

a carved grey faewood sovyn clove

>look at clove

This ornament resembles the four-petaled sovyn blossom, suspended by a silver ribbon and crafted from grey faewood. Each petal has a tiny, stiff hinge, attached to the short stem. When the petals are folded inward, they create the sovyn clove.The petals are edged with silver that glow softly as they reflect firelight. On three of the petals, a single word is engraved in flowing script: "Head", "Hands", and "Heart". On the fourth petal is engraved:  "House Sovyn, Winter Solstice 5116" in small script. 

a frosted crystalline shop

>look at shop

This tiny shop has a sign that reads, "Crystal Clove". The roof is hinged andwhen opened, you see a small representation of House Sovyn's shop. The shop is designed to sit on a tree branch. Inside there are three rooms, each with a tiny replica of items that are sold there. In the Paladin room is a metal falchion, the Cleric room has a shard of crystal that resembles a chrism, and the Empath room has a tiny withered deathblossom. Carved into the bottom of the shop is "House Sovyn, Winter Solstice 5116".  

a delicate diamond-dusted snowflake

>look at snowflake

Each sparkling arm of the delicate flake displays an identical pattern, which at first glance appears to be quite ordinary. However, as you examine the snowflake more carefully you notice that each of the arms is in actuality a minutely detailed image of a small branch bearing three sovyn cloves and several leaves. Tied to the silvery ornament hanger and flowing down around the snowflake are narrow ribbons of green and silver silk with ornate script running along their length.

>read snowflake

In the Common language, it reads:

House Sovyn wishes Peace and Health to all this Solstice Season ~ 5116

a forest green crystal ivy leaf

>look at leaf

This crystal ivy leaf ornament contains several veins chiseled across the surface and filled in with a coating of sparkling diamond dust. The veins twist and turn at seemingly random locations save for the very center of the leaf at which point they form the outline of a pair of clasped hands. Tied to the stem of the crystal ivy leaf is a silvery silk ribbon with the following words embroidered in an ornate white script: “Happy Solstice from House Sovyn, 5116!”