Solstice Ornament Contest

For the last few years, House Sovyn has participated in Ebonwood Manor's holiday event, by designing solstice ornaments.  There is a deadline for submitting the ornament designs to OUR House, which is the deadline for the primary contest. After that date, we will compile all ornaments and our officers will vote on a winner. Our own House winner will get to choose something(s) out of our prize closet at a value to be determined later (or just take the cash value). It’ll be a decent amount of coin, you can be sure. Depending on how many entries we get, runner ups will get some prizes or if there only a small handful of submissions, everyone will get something. 

The winner of our House contest will move on to the big CHE contest and will compete against the other Houses' ornaments. The following prizes will be awarded for the big CHE contest:

1st Place - 3 prize choices + 3 IP + the honor of coordinating next year! (IP = influence points, which go to the House. Houses use IP to help build things and buy things, such as prize closet items, merchants,…basically it is our currency).

2nd Place - 2 prize choices + 2 IP

Third place - 1 prize choice + 1 IP

Plus an experience modifying award. 

Prize choices:

- Item Alteration

- Lighten or Deepen

- A custom tattoo

- A single feature alteration

There are no limits on the number of ornaments you can submit to our House contest. The only restriction that is put on your designs is they must somehow incorporate the House. Be as creative as you want with that. All designs must follow the standard alter rules. It is HIGHLY recommended to add a show to your ornaments, as those will be favored by the overall judges (because it is more likely to win the big CHE contest). A show is usually 510 characters or less including spaces.