Our Tree

[House Sovyn, Courtyard]

Fragrant herbs and flowers grow under fruit trees around a small hillock where empaths and clerics see to those in need.  A fountain rests in the middle of the hillock where a crystal wind chime sways in the wind, hanging from a willow tree.  A large house, ordained with silver spires and twined ivy, is accented by a crystal tower on one side.  Double doors carved in rich pinewood give entrance to the house.  You also see a decorated green conifer tree with some stuff on it, a strapping giantman doorkeeper, some double doors, a shimmering crystal basket, a narrow footpath, a crystal walkway lined with herbs and flowers, a crystal path and a crystal sign.

>look at tree

Covered from top to bottom in sparking white and silver tinsel, the large conifer tree stands tall and shimmers with every beam of ambient light that strikes its decorations.  Strands of small crystals shaped like sovyn cloves wind around the tree, while several silver-trimmed red bows adorn the tips of the branches.  Scattered throughout the branches are clusters of tiny golden sovyn flowers.  Perched atop the tree is a large pair of clasped hands crafted from vaalin and faenor.

>look on tree

On the green conifer tree you see a dazzling yellow diamond star, a silver-caged electrum snowflake, an ice blue diamond iceblossom, a carved honey amber doe, a shiny triple sovyn clove ornament, a forest green crystal ivy leaf, a translucent crystal snow globe, a delicate diamond-dusted snowflake, a carved grey faewood sovyn clove, a sparkling glass globe ornament, a carved hoarbeam snowflake, a frosted glass sovyn clove, a sparkling white snowman ornament, a sprig of fresh sovyn flowers, a box-encased cuctucae berry, a cluster of glass sovyn cloves, a slim pair of hinged mistwood hands, a glass-beaded sovyn blossom ornament, an ornamental glass orb, a sparkling crystal ornament and a sparkling green and white ornament.