House Sovyn Discusses Clerical Gems and Runestone Creation - December 11th @ 9pm EST

Post date: Nov 08, 2017 8:3:40 AM

A lot of people know what chrisms are, but what about a nexus? A brimstone? Ever want to change silver into gold, imbed a spiritual spell, or perhaps even change your deity allegiance with an intercession? Well you can learn all about these gems and abilities as House Sovyn Lady Exchequer Leyann holds a discussion about clerical gem blessings. Everyone in attendance will receive a couple of gems with blessings of his or her choice.

We will also hold a discussion about another type of spiritual stone: the runestone. House Sovyn Executrix Dirvy will be educating us on how to make runestones and what their uses are for all pure professions.