How to Join

How to Join House Sovyn

To be considered for entrance into House Sovyn, please seek out an officer. The easiest way to find an officer is to stop by one of our many events that we hold. One event that you can be sure to find an officer at would be our monthly house meeting on the first Volnes of the month at 9 PM Elven. 

As a strong note about the charter: You MUST read it. House Sovyn's charter can be found here: House Info.  Professions other than clerics, empaths, and paladins do NOT qualify to join House Sovyn unless they are married to a member of the house. Please be sure to read the entire charter fully to ensure that you qualify for membership. 

You may also email the officers at directly or use the form below. Please fill out all boxes, and include any other information you can tell us about yourself.