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Possible Prize Items

Houses may request a maximum of ONE prize list per quarter (up to 10 items) as part of their Quarterly Report. Items cannot be any higher than 4x. Existing house scripts may be used on items where appropriate. No rare materials may be used.

Below is a list of pre-approved items items that houses can request for their Prize Closet:

Adventure Clothing (locked version)
Alchemy Cauldron or Vat
Alchemy jars (volume: 20)
Alchemy recipe book
Animal Companion Feedbags (scripted)
Animal Companion Accessories (wear, gauntlet, brush)
Armor - up to 4x, with or without flares
Arrow scriber (can carve user's name or customized look)
Banner of Light
Banner or Flag (scripted)
Bejeweled Items
Boas (scripted)
Brooch Mirror
Candle or Incense
Charms (for bracelets)
Charm Bracelets
Chrism Gems
Cigar (submit a color and scent)
Cobbling Materials
Cobbling Tools
Compass (scripted)
Confetti Bags (scripted bags to pop or toss confetti - choose a color)
Containers (Noun based open/close messaging available)
Containers with flap or string (Scripted)
Crystal Amulet Holders (these can have light or dark messaging - worn around the neck only)
Crystal Holding Jewelry (can request existing fancy settings)
Crystals (with spells imbedded for use in jewelry)
Cup (to wash runestone brushes)
Custom Lifekeep Flask
Drink Containers (steins, flasks, cups, etc.)
Egg (tossable)
Enruned Items
Envelopes (hold 1 item i.e. paper)
Familiar Talismans
Fans (Scripted or optionally with a spell imbedded)
Farm Tools (scripted scythe, hoe, plow, rake, trowel, shovel or spade)
Fishing Line
Fishing Rod
Fletching Trimmer
Fletching Paint
Flowers (with smells)
Flowers (ear-worn, scripty)
Flippable Coin
Fortunate Tarts/Truffles (contains a random fortune)
Giftboxes (scripted for wrapping presents)
Gold Ring Holders (these can have the new, fancy messaging options or customized messaging)
Hairbrush (scripted)
Hairpicks (these include 3 hairstyle options to be unlocked)
Healing Herbs or Potions
Henna sticks and Henna ink pots
Huggable Toys
Hunting Horns (scripted)
Ink (for runestones)
Jewelry (Some scripted versions available)
Kaleidoscope (scripted)
Lanterns (scripted, beltworn)
Locksmith Toolkit or Pouch (for disarming traps)
Lure for Fishing
Magical items/Imbeds - Non rechargeable, limitations apply
Maps (scripted - can be an existing realm or create a map with a custom look/show)
Mechanical Containers - auto close (must have some sort of metal plates in the description)
Mechanical Toys (contains gears and springs.  Must have a head, nose and ears.)
Mirror (handheld)
Mortar (for alchemy)
Musical Instruments
Music Folio
Orb Staff (scripted runestaff capped with a glowing orb)
Paper (to be used with Signets/Seals and Wax)
Perfume (Limited to existing fragrances only.  Custom scents are not available.)
Perfume Jewelry
Pestle (for use with alchemy mortar)
Picture Cards
Piercing Jewelry
Pinata (stick sold separately)
Pipe tobacco (may submit a color and scent)
Potion Cases
Prayerbeads (scripted)
Prayer Mat or Rug (scripted)
Quill (for use with paper, wax, seals)
Quill (scripted - these cannot have long/show descriptions; can be worn)
Quill (scripted)
Ranger Imbue Boxes (make rods/wands, neckworn amulets or bracelet/anklet - 250 uses)
Rhimar Chest (to preserve caught fish)
Rune Brush (for to paint on runestones)
Runestones (blank or pre-drawn)
Runestove Carvers (make customized runestones - 50 uses)
Scrolls (not all spells are available)
Scroll Case (holds scrolls only)
Shields - up to 4x
Shoeboxes (scripted for artisan crafted footwear)
Sparklers (submit a color)
Stick of Wax (to be used with Signets/Seals and Paper)
Sundial (these can be worn or not - please specify)
Tarot Cards
Tattoo Concealer Cream (can request a custom color - each tube has 5 uses)
Tea Flavorings (sugar, honey, etc.)
Tea Packets (existing tea flavors only, see also:
Toothpick (scripted)
Two-headed coin (scripted - flippable)
UAC gear (scripty)
Veola Hats/Headbands/Barrettes (design 3 sides and 3 hairstyles)
Wands (not all spells are available)
Wand Casting Gloves (Bazzlewyn) (these can be unlocked and use existing fancy messaging for wave and raise - OR add custom messaging)
Weapons - up to 4x with or without flares
Weight for fishing
Whisper Paper

Below is a list of LIMITED quantity items that houses may request. These items will be placed in the trunk in the Prize Closet.

Armor Concealers (Limited availability)
Gem-Cutter Pattern (1 Design per house, Limited to 10 TOTAL copies of the pattern)
Kites (scripted, 1 Design per house, Limited to 10 per year)
Signet Rings (For use with sealing wax and paper. Limited to 5 TOTAL)

In addition, a house may request a scripted item not shown on the list above ONCE per year. The CHE Controller will seek permission on behalf of the house for use of the item. If the request for use of the item in the prize closet is not approved by the GM who owns the item or script, the house may request approval of another item up to two (2) more times.  If after the third try one of the scripted items is not approved for prize closet use, the house may not request a scripted item again until the following year.  If an item is already known to not be approved, the house will be informed and it will not count towards the (3) items in the approval process.

For example, a house wants to add a super scripted gown to their prize closet.  If the GM who made such an incredible gown does not approve use of the gown as a prize, the CHE Controller will notify the house who requested the gown that it was not approved.  The house may then request a super scripted ring be added to their prize closet.  If the GM who made the ring does not approve of it being made available in the prize closet, the CHE Controller will notify the house that the ring was also not approved.  At that point, the house will be allowed one more request for the addition of a scripted item to their prize closet.  If it's turned down, the house will have to wait until Jan. 1 of the following year to start the approval process again.  

Houses should use discretion in their selection of scripted items.  These are meant to be token gifts or souvenirs for members and event participants.  Items of limited availability (e.g. those found in shops at pay events), auction- quality items or unlocked items will not be made available.  Please don't use up your approvals on items that you know will be declined.