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Arkati Quest06/09/12 Have you ever wanted a chance to show off your knowledge of the Arkati? House Sovyn is planning a Quest which will let you demonstrate your wisdom, or at the very least teach you a thing or two. Join us on the 9th day of Lumnea at 7:00 P.M. as the elves reckon it, and vie for prizes!
Sovyn's Helping Hands 07/20/12Need a hand? The members of House Sovyn are here to help! We'll provide spiritual spells, blesses, herbs, spell-filled orbs, and healing services in our courtyard, one block south of the Wehnimer's temple. Chrism gems prepared by a skilled House cleric will also be available to those who drop by. If you bring your own gems, we'll do our best to prepare more chrisms or other spells on the spot.
House Sovyn's Harvest Blessing 09/22/12Join House Sovyn as we seek Lady Imaera's blessing on the coming harvest. We will chat briefly about Imaera before adjourning to her shrine for a prayer ceremony, where we will attempt to commune with Imaera and ask for her blessing. Audience participation is encouraged. We will gather in the House Sovyn Courtyard and head out shortly afterwards.
House Sovyn Lectures on Chrisms 12/14/12Join Leyann at House Sovyn as she explains the benefits of chrism gems, how to make and use them, and why some chrisms are better than others. After the class, each attendee will receive gems blessed with spells and a full chrism orb.