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House Sovyn's Arkati Party01/07/17Join House Sovyn as they host an Arkati Party in their newly renovated shop, The Crystal Clove, located in East Row, Monir Road in the ivy-strewn white monir boutique. Come dressed as your favorite Arkati to win prizes and bring your silvers as you wander from room to room playing games and browsing the Crystal Clove's wares. A tent will be outside for food and dancing, while games will be hosted in each room of the shop.
Kiss or Miss02/12/17 Ladies, grab those flavored lip balms! Gents, work on that winning smile! Join House Sovyn, in celebration of the Day of Voaris and Laethe and Romance in the Rest, as they play their unique take on "spin the bottle" in the acantha green and ivory tent in Town Commons of River's Rest. There will be fun, food, and flirting!
House Sovyn's Big Fish 03/20/17Join House Sovyn as we host our Big Fish Tournament! The tournament will reward those who catch the 3 heaviest fish. Contestants can fish for as long or as short as they want during the tournament. No previous fishing experience is required, and we will have extra fishing supplies available for those that need them. Come out and enjoy some early springtime fishing!
Got Chrisms? 04/02/17Chrism supply running low? Have a lot of gems just waiting around to be orbed and chrismed? Well, House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn are here to help you with those problems. At 9:30 PM as the elves tell time on the 2nd day of Olaesta, members from both House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn will be on hand to purify your gems and make them into chrisms. A free chrism gem from our supplies will also be handed out to each person who needs one.
Darts with Sovyn! 03/21/17Join House Sovyn for an evening of darts! There will be a few different dart games played. Some will involve skill, and some will not. We will have extra darts available for those who don't have any. All skill levels are welcome! The prizes will be there, so you should be too!
House Sovyn's 20th Anniversary Celebration!07/21/17-07/23/17On Koaratos 21st-23rd, join House Sovyn for a weekend of exciting events and raffles as we celebrate our 20th anniversary! We will kick it off Day of the Huntress night with a parade followed by a trio of raffles and finally some night fishing. Do stop by our courtyard to pick up an anniversary trinket as well! Other events planned for the weekend include the popular candy-eating game of chance, Cursed Cloves, a Furry Fracas, an afternoon of H.O.U.S.E, a dunk tank (yes a dunk tank!), and finally concluding with a dance! Raffle items include a a sack of 100 chrisms, cobbling services, a realm-flaring runestaff and maul, a Nalea gown, some fancy prayerbeads and prayerbook, a fancy painting easel with a canvas-making box, an ensorcelling service, and a parasitic runestaff!

(See House Sovyn's 20th Anniversary for more information.)
House Sovyn's Harvest Blessing 09/21/17Join House Sovyn on the eve of the first day of autumn as we perform our Harvest Blessing ceremony. This will include visiting Lady Imaera's shrine, giving a brief chat and prayer about her, and an offering ceremony. All are welcome and participation is encouraged. We will gather in the House Sovyn Courtyard and head out shortly afterwards.
Autumn Weaves 10/07/17Ever wanted to learn how to weave? Well House Sovyn will help you in this interactive weaving class. House Sovyn will walk you through the basics of weaving while helping everyone try and create some simple, autumn themed items. Extra weaving supplies will be available. Those wishing to attend can either go directly to the Shrine in the Rambling Meadows, or meet just inside Victory Gate where we will head out to the Meadows.
Elanthian Conclave11/27/17Ever wanted a chance to show off your knowledge of the Arkati? House Sovyn is planning a scavenger hunt-like quest which will let you demonstrate your wisdom, or at the very least, teach you a thing or two. Join Silverwood Manor and House Sovyn on November 27th at 10:30pm as the elves reckon it, to begin your world-wide, multi-day quest for the Arkati and vie for prizes! This first evening will be a short discussion of the rules, and to hand out quest item collection containers and clues.
Elanthian Conclave12/02/17Join Silverwood Manor and House Sovyn on December 2nd at 9pm as the elves reckon it, to turn in your Arkati Quest World Tour items and collect your prizes. You must have been present on November 27, when the rules and item collection containers were given out, to be eligible for prizes.
Winterfest Royal Date Auction12/08/17How would you like to be the escort of a King or Queen for a night?  House Sovyn will be auctioning off past Frost Kings and Queens, and former and current nominees (and anyone else!) for the Winterfest Yule Ball on Eorgaen 8th at 7:30pm Elven.  Bring your silvers to House Sovyn 's tent in Icemule Town Center and bid on a date that is sure to turn some heads!
House Sovyn Discusses Clerical Gems and Runestone Creation12/11/17A lot of people know what chrisms are, but what about a nexus? A brimstone? Ever want to change silver into gold, imbed a spiritual spell, or perhaps even change your deity allegiance with an intercession? Well you can learn all about these gems and abilities as Lady Exchequer Leyann holds a discussion about clerical gem blessings. Everyone in attendance will receive a couple of gems with blessings of his or her choice. We will also hold a discussion about another type of stone: the runestone. Executrix Dirvy will be educating us on runestones and what their uses are.