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 Date Description
Got Chrisms?01/25/18Chrisms running low? Bring your valuable gems for a visit with Houses Sovyn and Apsis for purification and blessing! Each customer will get one free gift chrism, on the House!
Celebrate the Day of Voaris and Laethe with House Sovyn
Ever wanted to give your loved one a lasting reminder of just how much you love and adore them? House Sovyn will be offering custom couples portraits in their courtyard throughout the day, to celebrate the Day of Voaris and Laethe. Contact Dirvy or Thailmore for a customized portrait. Also at 9pm Elven, House Sovyn will be hosting a special game called "Candy Kisses". Come eat candy with us and win prizes for pulling a red or pink piece! We will also be having a marriage proposal contest to win prizes. Best proposal (fake or real!) wins a prize.
House Sovyn's Big Fish Contest
Join House Sovyn as we host our Big Fish Tournament! The tournament will reward those who catch the 3 heaviest fish. Contestants can fish for as long or as short as they want during the tournament. No previous fishing experience is required, and we will have extra fishing supplies available for those that need them. Come out and enjoy some early springtime fishing!
Cursed Cloves
Do you like candy? Prizes? Worth risking some minor injury for them? Then come out and play House Sovyn's game of chance, Cursed Cloves! It's a game that involves eating candy! Outlast all of the other competitors to win a prize! Empaths will be on hand to tend to the losers. And those fortunate enough, and unfortunate at the same time, to find and consume a rare cursed sovyn clove candy will win an even nicer prize! Caution: injury is virtually guaranteed, but so is the fun!

Fishing and Dunking
On Koaratos 28th, join House Sovyn for a day of exciting events and raffles as we celebrate our 21st anniversary! Stop by our courtyard to pick up an anniversary trinket as well! The first event of the day, at 1:00 P.M. elven time, will be a game of H.O.U.S.E. At 7:00 P.M there will be some fishing along with having a dunk tank. Raffles will be held during the afternoon and evening hours as well.
Got Chrisms?
Chrism supply running low? Have a lot of gems just waiting around to be orbed and chrismed? Well, House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn are here to help you with those problems. At 9:30 PM as the elves tell time on the 24th day of Imaerasta, members from both House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn will be on hand to purify your gems and make them into chrisms. A free chrism gem from our supplies will also be handed out to each person who needs one.
Faire of Phoenatos
Join ICICLE, House Sovyn, The Black Hand Trading Co., and the Order of the Sphere and Scythe in the PRO Hall of Icemule Trace for ICICLE's first annual Faire of Phoenatos! The Faire will take place on Restday, the 26th of Phoenatos from 8pm to 10pm by the elven time standard. The Faire will feature wares for sale including weapons, chrisms, clothing, imbedded spells, and more, handmade woven items and cobbled sandals, piercing with countless jewelry options, a henna tattoo artist and face painting, gambling, free spells and divination, and complimentary refreshments. We welcome any and all to come by, have a drink and share in the merriment! Directions to the PRO Hall: Three blocks west of Icemule Trace's Town Center. Guests who are not a member of any Meeting Hall Organization will need to obtain a free guest pass from an ICICLE officer stationed at the doors to gain access.
House Sovyn's Harvest Blessing
Join House Sovyn on the eve of the first day of autumn as we perform our Harvest Blessing ceremony. This will include visiting Lady Imaera's shrine, giving a brief chat and prayer about her, and an offering ceremony. All are welcome and participation is encouraged. We will gather in the House Sovyn Courtyard and head out shortly afterwards.
Alchemy 101
Just starting to practice alchemy or getting close to starting? Maybe you're a seasoned alchemist but would like a little bit of freshening up? Then this is the class for you! House Sovyn's Grand Alchemist Thailmore will be hosting an Alchemy 101 class to help you learn all you need to know to get started in the world of alchemy. We'll be brewing up some recipes so bring your alchemy supplies if you have them, however we will have sets of alchemy supplies to hand out if you don't. Also bring your questions and Thailmore will bring the answers! All are welcome to attend!
Vino Veritas
Come have a drink with House Sovyn to learn more about the Arkati and what favorite drinks around Elanthia match their unique personalities and gifts.
Fire and Ice Yule Ball
Tonight we conclude Winterfest 5118 with a dance party. This is a dress up gala. Wear your fancy suits and gowns that are flared with fire and ice. The Frost King and Queen will be selecting one male and one female who are best dressed for our theme to win a final prize for this festival. There will be dancing. There will be mingling. There will be food and drinks. And most of all, there will be fun! Happy Winterfest To One And All!