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Arkati Quest! 06/11/11Ever wanted a chance to show off your knowledge of the Arkati? House Sovyn is planning a quest which will let you demonstrate your wisdom, or at the very least teach you a thing or two. Join us on the 11th day of Lumnea at 9:00 in the evening as the elves reckon it, and vie for prizes!
Foraging Contest!07/29/11 Think you know a little about the local herbs of Wehnimer's Landing? Well, come test your herb knowledge and foraging skills at the House Sovyn Foraging Contest. Not very skilled in foraging? Then bring someone with you who is, because teams of two are allowed. Join us on the 29th day of Koaratos at 9:00 in the evening as the elves tell time and come prepared to run around the local environs and forage! All who complete the contest successfully will walk away with a prize -- and the winner will get a little spending money!
Leyann discusses Leya on Leyan! 08/10/11Want to know more about the goddess Leya, daughter of Kai? Join Leyann in the Library at House Sovyn at 9:00 PM Elven on Leyan, the 10th day of Phoenatos (Wednesday, August 10), to hear tales of Leya. Those present will receive tokens symbolic of the goddess.
House Sovyn's Harvest Blessing 09/23/11On the first day of autumn, join Seashimmer of House Sovyn for a brief talk on Imaera and a ceremony to bless the coming harvest. Audience participation is encouraged. Refreshments and tokens of Imaera will be provided.
House Sovyn Leads Pilgrimage to Zul Logoth Shrine 11/05/11In 5110, archaeologists unearthed a vast shrine complex near Zul Logoth containing obelisks dedicated to every Arkati and commonly worshiped lesser spirits. Come join House Sovyn for a pilgrimage to the shrine. House clerics will be on hand to share stories about the various beings worshiped at the shrine and, with the power of the shrine's obelisks, create holy symbols for their fellow pilgrims.