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House Sovyn Discusses Runestones and Clerical Gems01/30/19A lot of people know what chrisms are, but what about a nexus? A brimstone? Ever want to change silver into gold, imbed a spiritual spell, or perhaps even change your deity allegiance with an intercession? Well you can learn all about these gems and abilities as Lady Exchequer Leyann holds a discussion about clerical gem blessings. Everyone in attendance will receive a couple of gems with blessings of his or her choice. We will also hold a discussion about another type of stone: the runestone. Executrix Dirvy will be educating us on runestones and what their uses are.
Sovyn Celebrates Sweets and Sweethearts
Come celebrate your love of sweets and the sweethearts you love with House Sovyn as they honor Lord Voaris and Lord Laethe with romantic divination and fortune-telling gems, sweet Sovyn candy, and silly caricatures. Stop by the tent located in the House Sovyn courtyard to participate in any or all of these activities!
Got Chrisms?
Chrism supply running low? Have a lot of gems just waiting around to be orbed and chrismed? Well, House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn are here to help you with those problems. At 9:30 PM as the elves tell time on the 15th day of Charlatos, members from both House Argent Aspis and House Sovyn will be on hand to purify your gems and make them into chrisms. A free chrism gem from our supplies will also be handed out to each person who needs one.
House Sovyn's Big Fish Contest
Join House Sovyn as we host our Big Fish Tournament! The tournament will reward those who catch the three (3) heaviest fish. Contestants can fish for as long or as short as they want during the tournament. No previous fishing experience is required and we will have extra fishing supplies available for those that need them. Come out and enjoy some springtime fishing!
Furry Fracas
Bring your rats, mice, chipmunks, hamsters, chinchillas, or whatever you have and join House Sovyn for their Furry Fracas, being hosted in the acantha green tent in their courtyard on June 29th at 9pm EST. Prizes will be awarded to the owners of the winners.
Cursed Cloves

Fishing and Dunking

House Sovyn's 22nd Anniversary Formal Ball

Part 1 of 3 of House Sovyn's 22nd Anniversary: On Koaratos 27th, join House Sovyn for a day of exciting events and raffles as we celebrate our 22nd anniversary! The first event of the day, at 1:00 P.M. elven time, will be Cursed Cloves! At 4:00 P.M there will be some fishing and some dunking in the dunk tank! Raffles will be held during the day as well. The final event for the evening will be a formal ball at 9:00 P.M. elven time. There will be prizes for best dressed male, female, and matched couple. Raffle items include a group of four 100-count jars, tier 2 Knightware full plate that is 6 times enchanted, and a tier five ensorcelling service.